Metal pipe cutters

Metal Pipe Cutter: Exact PipeCut 280E System
Cast Iron Blade Diamond X165
Are you working onsite with metal pipes, stainless steel pipes, copper pipes or cast iron pipes? Don’t go away then, you’re in for a treat.

Did you know that angle grinders are designed for grinding not cutting? Exact Pipe cutters are design for professionals cutting pipes onsite. We hate bad quality tools and we don’t think you should spend a fortune on your tools.

Our pipe saws are made for fast and safe cutting in situations when accurate and a good quality cut is the only option.

Typical pipe materials that are cut with our pipe saws are: stainless steel, copper, cast iron and carbon steel. Give us a shout if you hear about a material, that our machine can’t cut.

You, as a user, have allways been in our center of attention when we are designing our products. If you think it’s easy to use we have succeeded, if not then we have failed. It’s quite simple actually. Based on the feedback we get out on the field, in our resellers stores, on trade fairs and on Facebook we believe you will think cutting metal pipes has never been this easy. Still, it doesn’t mean we are ever going to stop improving. We just love to improve, for you.

Stainless steel and copper are from quite different worlds. Most pipe materials don’t have that much in common. If you work with many pipe materials, you will be pleased to know that our pipe cutting machines have suitable blades for the most common pipe materials. As you might guess, the blades are easily swapped on the pipe cutting machine.

Most of our pipe cutting machines users come from industries like construction, chemical, infrastructure and shipyards.

Awards and patents don’t mean anything, if you don’t think our product is easy to use. We know this. We have patented our gripping system, which is the pillar stone that guarantees easy and safe working conditions for you.

A major difference between an angle grinder and our pipe saws is that the pipe doesn’t get hot. When you grind the pipe, it heats up and this unfortunately causes fires every now and then. When you cut e.g. cast iron pipes with our machines the pipe will be clean, cold and dry. Isn’t that just amazing? 
A few details about our products, that you might find interesting are:
  • The pipe saws are supplied with pipe supports.
  • The pipe and the supports are packed in one handy shoulder bag.
  • Our metal pipe cutting product range covers an extremely wide range of pipe dimensions from 15mm (0,6 inch) up to 410mm (16,1 inch).

Metal pipe cutters

Exact PipeCut 170E System

 Ø (OD) 15mm – 170mm
(0.6”- 6.7”)
Max wall 8mm (0.31”) steel
14mm (0.55”) plastics
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Exact PipeCut 220E System

Ø (OD) 15mm – 220mm
(0.6”- 8.6”)
Max wall 6mm (0.23”) steel
14mm (0.55”) plastics
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Exact PipeCut 280 Pro Series

Ø (OD) 50mm – 280mm (2”- 11”)
Max wall 20mm (0.8”) steel / 230V
12mm (0.5") steel / 120V
45mm (2”) plastics
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Exact PipeCut 360 Pro Series

Ø (OD) 75mm – 360mm
(3”- 14”)
Max wall 20mm (0.8”) steel / 230V
12mm (0.5") steel / 120V
50mm (2”) plastics
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A real timesaver.
A real timesaver.

“A real timesaver. ”

We use the Exact 280E pipe cutting saw daily. We cut sleeves anywhere from 3" schedule 40 to 10" schedule 40 steel pipe. Cutting pipe to be grooved later is fast and the new saw always cuts square. There is no grinding and it's always a nice clean cut. A job foreman will call the prefab shop and ask for pieces to be cut, no time wasted setting up a hydronic cutter for 2 cuts. We just grab the Exact from the gang box and cut what we need. Whether it is 2 pieces or 25 pieces, it's a lot quicker with the Exact. This tool is a real time saver.

Dave Brown, Foreman
Granite State Prefabrication Shop
Weare, NH

Extremely easy to use.

“Extremely easy to use.”

The Exact Pipe Saw is an extremely easy tool to use and requires minimal layout and set up. It is also convenient that the saw is adjustable and able to cut through various sizes of pipe. Another plus is that this saw cuts at a nearly perfect straight cut each time, making it more dependable than even some of our table saws. It is fairly lightweight and easy to use, which comes in handy on the road as well as in house. The roller stands for the pipe are also incredibly convenient and lessend the chance of injury since the pipe to be cut does not have to be lifted very far off the ground to be placed on the stands. Overall, we are very satisified with our purchase of the Exact Pipe Saw and would recommend this tool based on its performance and ease of use.

Bridget McCartney
Bay State Industrial Welding & Fabrication, Inc.
Hudson, NH